Things I’m Verbing: Chicago Dyke March Versus Antisemitism Edition

The worst thing for me about this whole Chicago Dyke March incident (and others before it) is seeing my progressive activist friends utterly fail to recognize the libels, slanders and tropes that have been used to silence, reject and violate Jews for hundreds of years, if not more.

Things I’m Verbing: Here Comes the General (Rise Up)

I know it's an illusion, people get old, your heroes pass, I know, I know. But this week, I admit, has felt malicious. — Linda Holmes Thinks You're Doing Great (@lindaholmes) December 29, 2016 Hey, we’ve done it! (She said, incautiously, with 36-ish hours to go.) 2016 is still sucker-punching us with all it’s got,Continue reading “Things I’m Verbing: Here Comes the General (Rise Up)”

Things I’m Verbing: Lilohan, Macedon and Diana of Themyscira

It’s the Friday before Election Day! We’re almost there, if we don’t all expire of wrath and exhaustion first. Things are getting weirder and weirder by the minute, apparently. In addition the FBI seemingly openly working to elect one candidate, we’ve also got a starring role for Macedonian teenagers making money off Facebook ads by generatingContinue reading “Things I’m Verbing: Lilohan, Macedon and Diana of Themyscira”