Things I’m Verbing: Plague pits, zoodles and the Death Star

It’s a rough world out there. The more you learn about Trump, Putin and their nuclear bromance (at least in Trump’s mind), the more you may just want to retreat into concrete joys in life. For me, one thing I decided earlier this month was that if I got a spiralizer, everything would be okay. (ItContinue reading “Things I’m Verbing: Plague pits, zoodles and the Death Star”

Things I’m Verbing: Samantha, Donald and Anton

Someday I’m going to come here with a bunch of really happy true news stories. But yesterday, while I was out with a bunch of friends at a park in Manhattan on a sunny day, I made the mistake of checking Twitter and found out that Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin, a hilarious and outrageously talentedContinue reading “Things I’m Verbing: Samantha, Donald and Anton”