Things I’m Verbing: How we got here

I bought my plane tickets from New York to Columbus, Ohio, six weeks ago. This was to avoid the Greyhound I was forced to take last year — well, not forced, but yes forced: Because of the timing of my move from Chicago, I found myself priced out of flying. Even buying Thanksgiving travel in early October,Continue reading “Things I’m Verbing: How we got here”

Things I’m Verbing: Blindfolds, blackwork and white noise

You can never turn off being a copy editor or a fact-checker. Even when you’re trying to unwind, it ruins everything. Case in point: Last night I was finishing up a novella by a writer I both respect like hell as an artist and can never decide how much I actually enjoy her work. It’sContinue reading “Things I’m Verbing: Blindfolds, blackwork and white noise”

Things I’m Verbing: English, Yiddish and whale cabaret

It’s important to cultivate a few irrational beliefs, and one of mine is that Tuesday is the strangest day of the week. I suspect many of us of a certain age could blame David Wiesner for this, though I’m also of an age where I blame it more squarely on Tori Amos. Either way, Tuesday should always beContinue reading “Things I’m Verbing: English, Yiddish and whale cabaret”