That… sure has been some morning!

  • How about a nice history of skateboarding from 99% Invisible?
  • Or, from On the Media, a look at how science fiction is tackling climate change? It’s not all doom and gloom — one of the piece’s loveliest features is the words listeners made up to describe the new environmental realities we may face in coming years. See also: Atlas Obscura’s great piece on demonyms, and where you come from if you’re a Leodensian.
  • Also related to the future: from Pacific Standard, “The Fallacy of Endless Growth.”
  • Via Quartz: It turns out we understand calories a lot less than we think we do.
  • Last night, I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it was a complete and utter delight. I wouldn’t call it a terrifically deep film, which is a great strength — emotionally, it’s great, but it doesn’t ask big questions like even other Marvel movies (e.g., my all-time No. 1, Captain America: The Winter Soldier). That’s my awkward segue into a piece of excellent pop culture criticism from Angelica Jade Bastién, writing for Vulture. Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled, a Civil War-era story about Southern belles that features no people of color, has drawn lots of criticism for its oblivious whiteness. Bastién, however, offers a different perspective in “How The Beguiled Subtly Tackles Race Even When You Don’t See It.”

Stay brave, friends.

2 responses to “Things I’m Verbing: Elephant seals, kidney pools and new words for a weird future”

  1. Wendelah Avatar

    I’d just finished reading the Vulture piece about The Beguiled and the New York Magazine article on climate change when your notification popped into inbox.

    I thought the comments on the Vulture piece were almost as interesting as the article itself.

    Is “doom and gloom” a fair assessment of the NYM article? It seemed well-researched to me.

    Does On the Media publish transcripts? The audio wouldn’t play for me for unknown reasons. And now I have static on my speakers and can’t get it to turn off…


    1. Esther Avatar

      The NYM article is drawing some fire for being both terrifying and somewhat sensational on the science:

      And unfortunately, while other podcasts are good about transcripts, sometimes OTM can be spotty, or they don’t appear for quite some time, or they only appear in segments and not as a whole. Sorry to hear about your speakers!


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