Oh my god, what has happened since Tuesday? I mean, there’s the Heartbeat Bill in my native Ohio, which criminalizes abortion at a point before most women even know they’re pregnant. There’s Trump getting the National Park Service to deny permits for weeks around the Lincoln Memorial to prevent the Million Woman March next month. Apparently Trump also just said that internment wasn’t bad because FDR?

Stay brave, friends.

4 responses to “Things I’m Verbing: Abortion, smugness and testimony”

  1. Jane Avatar

    Most of the time, it feels like we live in some alternate reality. Sure, I’m in a super blue city in a blue county in a mostly blue state, but damn! if it doesn’t get me in the gut every time I read about yet another anti-choice measure or a murderer being let off because he’s white or the inability of the media to stand up to its value as the fourth estate.

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  2. Wendy Holloway Avatar
    Wendy Holloway

    Esther, this is another thought-provoking set of links. I just finished the article in Time. Trump didn’t get the National Park Service to deny permits for the Women’s March on Washington. How could he? He hasn’t been sworn in yet. Besides which, the “omnibus blocking permit” in question was filed in November 2015 by the NPS on behalf of the Presidential Inauguration Committee. This is long before Trump had even been nominated, let alone elected. There are plenty of things that Trump has already done that I’m furious about. This wasn’t his doing. The NPS is working with the march organizers to find them another meeting place.


    1. Esther Avatar

      That’s a good clarification, thank you — and a good lesson for me, for sharing links while stressed and pressed for time. That said, I’m still curious about the block, which I understand is for “construction,” which has caused some skeptical responses on Twitter.


      1. Wendy Holloway Avatar
        Wendy Holloway

        It is for construction, just as it was for President Obama’s two inaugurations, Twitter skeptics not withstanding.

        I’m more shocked by the news that back in September the CIA had confirmed that the Russians were trying to throw the election to Trump. Our current president chose not to tell the American public because he was afraid of how it might look. The only reason we know this now is that it was leaked to the Washington Post.


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