I’m having trouble pitching. Nothing feels important unless it’s about the election, and I’m already drowning in post-election activism and thinkpieces and horror stories and grief and obituaries of journalists we really needed. (Rest in power, Gwen Ifill.) I’m glued to Twitter and Facebook, I’m frantically spending too much time retweeting advice and interpretations and warnings, I’m scrounging up funds for recurring donations and subscriptions. It feels like doing absolutely nothing and too much all at the same time. Meanwhile:

Let’s just get right into it.

Good luck out there.

Image Credit: Steve Helber/AP. “Graffiti is seen on the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis in Richmond, Va., on Nov. 10, 2016.”

One response to “Things I’m Verbing: We’re all inside this blast radius”

  1. Marjorie Avatar

    Thanks for the link to the purity politics tweetstorm, in particular; it helps with some thoughts I’ve been trying to articulate. Right now I’m trying to do one thing every day. Subscribe to a good journalism outlet, call my Congresscritters, sign a petition and pass it on. Honestly I don’t know how to keep this up in the long term; I’ll be coming back to read more of these links for ideas…


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