Okay, so, it’s been — what? Brexit, SCOTUS, Regrexit, No Bill No Break, world economies panicking and tanking, governments in disarray, racists charging out into the open, V for Vendetta yet again becoming a users’ manual, the next issue of Nazi Captain America comes out tomorrow…

Hang tight.

There’s still good news out there. Look how staggeringly beautiful the Blue Mosque is.

Also, the featured image at the top of this post is a shoe selfie I took with reproductive justice heroine Wendy Davis last year. You know, the filibuster lady who had a great reason to smile this week.

Also also, thank goodness for Chuck Tingle.

Okay — feeling better? Okay.

  • You really do have to read the New Statesman’s Laurie Penny on Brexit, the morning after: “I Want My Country Back.” If your heart needs something, well, a bit more caustic, John Oliver is your guy. For something in between, look to CityLab’s Feargus O’Sullivan and his appraisal of Boris Johnson.
  • Fresh Off the Boat’s Constance Wu may not want to be your new It Actress, but she gave a phenomenal, emotional, hard-hitting interview to New York magazine about being an Asian-American actor, how far we really have to go in this country and how she’s not going to let racist cultural norms stop her.
  • How about that Donald Trump? Really, though, what if he quit? Not that that will solve all our problems, but it would be a nice start.
  • The first time I heard the term “moral injury” was while reporting a story on military suicide during grad school. Ben Sledge lays out the aftereffects of moral injury and how American society is nowhere close to coping with it in a long, important essay on Medium. Worthwhile reading in advance of the upcoming July 4th weekend.
  • The Boston Globe has published one of those long, well-reported stories that seem to be so emblematic of the best of daily newspapers. “Strict opioids laws hit chronic pain sufferers hard” looks at how the war on drugs isn’t prepared to handle the nuance health care in the United States so desperately requires.

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