I am mindful of the date, so let me assure you that all of these stories are real and worth your time. In fact, most of them are pretty unfunny. Sometimes that’s just what you find. However, if you know right off the bat that that’s not for you today, let me recommend stories on the Ghanaian Sex and the City, the wonderful Summer Pierre on becoming a writer, this really great competitive swing dancing video (all improvised!) — and the last link. The last link will make you feel better about the world.

  • So, Batman v Superman finally came out, and… wow. Even 29% on Rotten Tomatoes seems generous, especially if you read Gizmodo‘s absolutely brutal FAQ about the film. I haven’t seen it (nor do I plan to; ugh, Man of Steel was utterly joyless and overlong, and I’m not interested in more), but “Superman and the Damage Done” over at Birth. Movies. Death. makes me sad about how far these characters have come from their origins. Read the comments on that one too — good discussions in there, especially concerning the (by all accounts excellent) Supergirl TV show and Marvel.
  • In light of the ongoing horror that is Donald Trump’s opinions on women, Jezebel published “Republican Women: A Reminder That Your Party Is Not for You,” which looks at what happens when you pigeonhole feminism as a liberal-only concern.
  • The editor-in-chief of Belt, Martha Bayne, interviewed sociologist and MacArthur Genius Matthew Desmond about his new book, Evicted, which looks at race, gender and the housing crisis by focusing on how these play out in Milwaukee. As you might guess, it’s not pretty — and it’s key to understanding poverty in this country.
  • I’m always happy for the chance to promote the good work of my peers and friends. Ellie Kaufman, whom I know from Mic, wrote a wonderful personal essay about being Cuban, being Cuban-American and watching baseball during President Obama’s recent historic visit. It’s the perfect antidote to all the cliches about reporting on Cuba, which On the Media skewered well this week.
  • Finally, that nice link I promised you: Writing for Remezcla, Adele Oliveira profiles Santa Fe’s only all-female mariachi band. It’s a great look both at what these women provide the community (“Musicians are just therapists that you can party with”) and how these women, all of whom are young, came to mariachi in the first place.

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