Chicago was great! Chicago was so great. I expect to have a lot more to say on that topic, but all in good time. However, one big reason why I chose to go — in addition to the fact that I lived there for 12 years and missed it and my people — was the Theo Janssen Strandbeest exhibit and demonstrations. I found out about them in about 2003 and have been dying to see them in person ever since. What a great coincidence that the Chicago Cultural Center would be hosting them for three months, free to the public!

What a great coincidence that the one day I was able to get downtown to see them was Pulaski Day, a holiday about a Polish cavalryman who fought for the Americans during the Revolutionary War and somehow didn’t make it into Hamilton. Kids get out of school, public buildings are closed and I am forced to come back to Chicago before May 1, when the installations ends. What a hardship!

Meanwhile, I’ve seen so many histories of the GOP and why it’s imploding in this particular way right now that I’m going to leave that narrative where it is, but there’s been too much good writing on Trump voters to leave them out entirely.

XKCD is great, so I’m just going to leave you with this, which speaks for itself:


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