Good morning, friends! I am back in Chicago for the first time since I moved to New York, and I have been doing a really excellent job of revisiting all my favorite haunts, including pulling a double-header with the superlative Improvised Shakespeare Company last night. (That’s a Top 5 Thing I Miss About Chicago item, by the way. Probably the most magnificent improv ever improv’d — not to get hyperbolic, but it’s true.)

I also watched the GOP debate in Detroit. That sure happened.

Here are some links that have nothing to do with the GOP debate, because honestly, what more is there to say?

  • There are enough hedgehogs in Ipswich to require a dedicated hedgehog officer.
  • The second season of Agent Carter ended last week, and it was amazing and I loved it and very much want more. Alas, the ratings are worrisome (as they always are with your favorite shows, right?). TV Guide and Variety both wrote excellent defenses of the show, and I’m not above not-so-quietly linking a “How to tell ABC you want Season 3” guide. This show is both important and great.
  • Speaking of excellent feminist role models, if you haven’t read firefighter Caroline Paul’s excellent op-ed “Why Do We Teach Girls That It’s Cute to Be Scared?” you absolutely should — and, if you want to see what they’re up against, follow it with A. Hope Jahren’s piece on women in STEM and the male colleagues who harass them out of their careers.
  • I did j-school in Evanston, but I came to Chicago for Hyde Park. Chicago magazine just did a brief shout-out to six great things happening on the South Side these days. It’s nice to hear about good examples, because UChicago’s relationship with the neighborhoods where it lives hasn’t always been exactly rosy.
  • Have I still not been able to distract you from the GOP debate? I mean, at least one woman literally thinks living in 1939 — not high on the list of good times in history — is a better option than the present.

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