No Oscars thinkpieces, I promise. (Although for Super Tuesday, yes, you need to watch John Oliver’s “Make Donald Drumpf Again” segment, it is worth your 20 minutes.) However, I do have some pretty nifty entertainment stories on call.

  • This Vanity Fair piece probably shouldn’t be as long as it is, but the search for the real Maltese Falcon does go some deeply surprising places by the end.
  • Ellen Terry is by some accounts the greatest Lady Macbeth to ever grace the stage. Her famous 1888 performance featured a green dress decorated with real beetles’ wings. Though it’s an old link, this look at how costume conservators restored the dress is fascinating. Museum people are just great.
  • Less entertaining: One country has seen a world leader like Donald Trump before. Remember Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi? You should.
  • However, art and politics can mingle in some really stunning ways. Last week, a protest occurred in Seoul unlike any I’d heard of. The protesters were holograms. The method began in Spain, and both stemmed from very real free speech and assembly concerns.
  • If you’re feeling out of the loop news-wise in general, don’t worry — McSweeney’s has got you covered.

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