I know there was some sportsball on either side of the Beyoncé concert this weekend, but only one thing happened on Sunday that deeply, deeply mattered to me.

However, I am probably going to spill an awful lot of ink about Captain America: Civil War over the next several months, so let’s talk about women, women, women, women and… okay, #CivilWar.

(First, though, no joke, holy cats, Bey, “Formation” is a hell of a thing.)

  • Talking about sex frankly with your kids: It’s just smart parenting, writes Alanna Schubach in the Washington Post. And we’re not just talking moms and daughters — her amazing-sounding grandmother was a big part of this too.
  • Meanwhile, at Marie Claire, I was really interested in “Can Women Fix Dating?” Maria Ricapito makes a compelling case for how the male gaze inherently makes most dating apps frustrating or dangerous on some level for women.
  • Okay, have you been following this story from the Seattle theater world about Erin Pike? She’s been performing a one-woman show using dialogue and stage directions from the nation’s most frequently performed plays, and apparently it makes a hell of a statement. However, the publisher of those plays is not at all happy about that, and sent her a C+D an hour before curtain. It keeps getting more something else from there. Good meta-theater too, at least.
  • Johanna Hedva writes about chronic illness in “Sick Woman Theory” for Mask, and what disability and intersectionality mean for her personal activism.
  • I, uh. Can’t stay away from Marvel. The Daily Dot asked all the presidential campaigns if they were #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan. Only Bernie Sanders replied. I’m darned pleased with his answer, but I’m also not entirely surprised.

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