The winter weather advisory has passed in New York, and I am still on my way to an opening day matinee of Hail Caesar! in a few hours. Frankly, I’m interested in fun stuff right now. Sometimes the hideous, heart-hurting stuff gets to be too much. It’s okay to linkspam fun links. Moreover, it’s just one of those days.

  • It’s particularly one of those days because NPR highlighted the Food Surgeon and his oddly unnerving but utterly engrossing dissections and reconstructions of foods that were never meant to be combined. It’s like watching the Victor Frankenstein of test kitchens.
  • Using methods more often seen in biology, researchers have found that not only are fairy tales much older than we thought, but at least one them demonstrably dates back to the Bronze Age.
  • Crafting types, just in case there ever is an apocalypse on the way, you can stock up on supplies for all your dystopian knitwear needs.
  • Look, I switched from Android to my iPhone for its camera. Looks like I made my choice for the right reasons.
  • I might as well be talking about first-gen iPods, though. Yes, I’m linking a BuzzFeed listicle, but “45 Signs You’re an Old Millennial” is just too, too real.

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