About Me

Yes, this millennial has a voting selfie
Yes, this millennial has a voting selfie
  • How did this person come to love this thing or idea?
  • What are the ethics of this new technology or social behavior?
  • Where did we learn this cultural belief or story?

These are some of my favorite questions. I’m a freelance journalist, editor and essayist based in Brooklyn, New York, and I write features, profiles, analysis and explainers. I often examine psychology through the lens of culture, history, politics and science. My multimedia work has appeared in Tonic, CityLab, Mental Floss and Refinery29 and as the cover story of the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye.

If you’re interested in heavy metal folk singers, the real-life Iron Man or how we game personal space on public transit, have a look at my clips. I also enjoy photography; check my media page for a look at youth boxing on the South Side of Chicago, a YouTube sensation at work and a man who once stole an airplane. Twice a week, I share and analyze my favorite stories from around the web at Things I’m Verbing.

Where I come from

I spent nearly two years building and running the copy desk at Mic as copy chief, where I led editing, fact-checking, refining and formatting on stories seen by 25 million monthly readers. In addition my close attention to style, structure and readability, I’m thorough, quality-minded and conscientious of journalism best practices.

Hire me/Get in touch

You can reach me any time at esther.bergdahl@gmail.com. I’m available for freelance writing, reporting, photography, editing and copy editing. My general resume is available here. All the keywords you want: AP style, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Audition, Premiere, InCopy), Microsoft Office Suite, social media, DSLR photography.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.