Hi. I’m Esther.

I’m a writer, editor, fact-checker and storyteller, and I’m here to help.

A knowledgeable, agile and creative editorial professional experienced in a multitude of journalistic and marketing arenas, including copy editing, reporting, web production, editorial strategy and project management. Highly skilled in fact-checking, problem-solving and collaboration.

As a wide-ranging generalist with a precision focus on audience and communication, I will break down your goals, build up your messaging and ensure that you say what you always intended, clearly, all while preserving your unique voice as a writer and as a brand.

Journalist. Writer. Essayist.

I call my beat “creativity and culture.” My favorite question is Why do we make things? I’ve served as copy chief in an award-winning digital media newsroom, managed and produced a successful personal finance website and collaborated with mission-driven publications like The Trace and The Fuller Project. I currently partner with Slate Studios to cast, shape and produce podcast content.

Editor. Fact-checker. Project partner.

I’ve worked with publications, businesses, brands and nonprofits of all sizes to enrich the integrity and vitality of their written works and messaging. My clients include respected figures in healthcare, education, advocacy, tech and public health. I’ve also partnered with nonfiction authors like Liz Plank (For the Love of Men) on manuscripts for fact-checking, line and developmental editing and proofreading.

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Communications. Marketing. Public relations.

Hire me to create blog, social, newsletter and strategic content in any industry, whether it’s accounting, logistics, food brokerages and more. I’m proud to partner with B2 Communications, where my work was recently recognized by the Public Relations Society of America Tampa Bay Chapter.

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Excited Mark: Links, essays and more

This Republic of Suffering

Last week, a New York City COVID ICU nurse posted a long, immersive account of what it’s like to do her job. It’s harrowing, beyond belief. It should be not happening. It did not have to happen. COVID-19 does have this in common with all wars.

It ain’t right and it ain’t natural

I last went into Manhattan on March 13. That was my last time on public transit or anywhere more than a mile from my Brooklyn apartment. I haven’t been smelling the tulips because I’ve been worried someone else will have done the same. I can’t let the tulip become a plague vector.

I’m using major chords to make this a sadder song

I’d like to get back into blogging. I think it’s still an important form, and I’m also eager for anything that can keep me focusing during this initial shock of coronavirus isolation. Please excuse the mess, as they say; while I was out, WordPress totally upended the user interface that I’d been very comfortable with…

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