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Medill MSJ ’13. I’ve been reporting and writing profiles, enterprise stories and features about creativity and culture since 2015.


Once a copy chief, always a copy chief. I can fix your story and ensure it’s all in order six ways to Sunday.


I’m always writing a novel or three. When it’s not prose, it’s comics or music or sculpture or collage. Ask me about my accordion.

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This Republic of Suffering

Last week, a New York City COVID ICU nurse posted a long, immersive account of what it’s like to do her job. It’s harrowing, beyond belief. It should be not happening. It did not have to happen. COVID-19 does have this in common with all wars.

Amber Gray as Persephone in Hadestown (2019)

It ain’t right and it ain’t natural

I last went into Manhattan on March 13. That was my last time on public transit or anywhere more than a mile from my Brooklyn apartment. I haven’t been smelling the tulips because I’ve been worried someone else will have done the same. I can’t let the tulip become a plague vector.

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